IT Professional Servicesline

Our Mission is to empower our clients, business partners and ourselves to increase performance by delivering quality, results and value in everything we do every day.
We have 3 Primary Service Lines

  • Agile Solutions Development
  • Infrastructure & Cloud Technology Services
  • Business Consulting Services

Agile Solutions Development

We are award winning leaders in developing enterprise applications utilizing Agile development and SCRUM methodologies. Our technical leads are SCRUM masters. We eliminate the overhead of traditional waterfall projects with rapid, iterative, high quality, high value projects completed on time and within budget. In production today are numerous agile developed solutions, including:

  • Grants Management Systems     * Personnel Management Systems
  • Administrative Systems               * Business Management Systems

Infrastructure & Cloud Technology Services

We are highly skilled and certified in the latest technologies and develop, deliver and manage critical infrastructure and client systems ensuring secure and available client systems. We help clients plan and migrate selected workloads to the cloud while also maintaining and upgrading their existing data center infrastructures. These are just some of the many high quality services we offer today:

  • Amazon Web Services Consulting     * Network Architecture & Administration
  • Database Administration                    * SharePoint Administration, Development
  • Operations Support                            * Migration and Modernization Services

Business Consulting Services

Our business consultants focus on aligning IT with your mission to enable you to deliver more to your customers at lower costs. We help you streamline business processes first before optimizing with IT. Our world class program and project managers enable you to deliver your projects on time and under budget:

  • Program & Project Management             * Business Process Analysis & Improvement
  • Help Desk & End User Support               * IT Governance, Strategic Planning
  • Online & Classroom Training                  * Curriculum Development

Contact us Today to Obtain our Services

As a small business, there are many routes to obtaining our services. The most direct way is to do so through our existing contract vehicles. Please review our Contract Vehicles page to learn more and email us at to discuss a streamlined approach for your organization.